Blue Limbo

When Strategy Meets Innovation

   A consulting company engaged in:

  • Organizational culture as a resource for innovation

  • Digital marketing and advertising based on data

  • Strategy in the OGSM model

  • Coaching and Mentoring to entrepreneurs and managers.

  • Experts in AGILE methodologies

  • Technological and business consulting for start-ups

Rebecca Kehat


Entrepreneur, strategic consultant, global marketing expert, lecturer and mentor for startups.  

Previously led at Google, the Israeli Domestic Market, as Sector Lead, leading the business with largest Israeli companies, advertising agencies and media.  Held senior position at Bank Hapoalim, as Head of Retail Division Headquarters, responsible for Strategy, Marketing, Financial Planning and big data-based promotions; and at Procter & Gamble: Deputy CEO of Israel, Cyprus and Malta, Associate Marketing Director and various positions Globally.

Chosen one of the 40 most promising talents under 40 of The Marker magazine. Married +4.

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Mentoring for Startups

Lectures and training in organizations and academic institutions

Strategic Consulting for C-Level Executives



Prosper Abitbol


Prosper Avraham Abitol is a serial entrepreneur who has held several positions in Israel, France, and the United States as a shareholder, president or manager of private and public companies in the fields of communications, high-tech, and investments.
Head of the Francophone Beit Midrash for Applied Jewish Thought Tel Aviv - a spiritual teacher known to his students as Life Designer. An expert on new technologies, was chosen in the 2000s as one of the 100 most influential Israeli figures in the field of telecommunications and electronic communications.
President and founder of the radio station "Voice of Peace" Grenoble France and the first president of the Federation of all Jewish radio stations in France.
 Mentor and consultant for Jewish spiritual and applied thinking, according to an organized mishnah and tools for interpreting the dimensions of the soul he developed.
Founder of the Abitbol Center for Jewish Psychophysiology for the distribution of the Thorapy method for psychosocial counseling in changing perception and learning the psychoscopic approach to its three components: Jewish philosophy, Jewish psychology, Jewish spirituality.
Author, and organizer of conferences. A sought-after lecturer on mental theory. Leads people and organizations to groundbreaking achievements with strength and success.
Painter specializing in contemporary art. Presents his works to the public as a painterly equation between art and Jewish mysticism at J.A.G. Joseph Art Gallery in Tel Aviv Jaffa.



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